Organizational Power Politics

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This updated edition of the award-winning volume is a contemporary guidebook for understanding and using personal power in organizational settings of all kinds.

In 1993, when it named the first edition of Organizational Power Politics: Tactics in Organizational Leadership an Outstanding Academic Book, Choice said, "It contributes to the analysis and discussion of an issue that has, as yet, not received adequate attention." Now this acclaimed book returns in a fully updated new edition that gives readers proven strategies for using power to achieve personal and group objectives in all kinds of contexts-work, social, religious, military, and more.

Based on extensive research, Organizational Power Politics looks at important underlying theories about the use of interpersonal power, as well as examples of successful operational approaches in the workplace and elsewhere. At its heart are 22 specific power tactics applicable to a wide range of organizations and situations, complete with activities, self-evaluations, and discussion questions that will help anyone sharpen their power skills. This edition features two new chapters: one that looks at multinational organizations and one focusing on the middle layers of large-scale organizations.

Includes 22 demonstrations of effective power tactics for daily use at work, home, or in recreational situations

Offers 20 descriptive tables summarizing and clarifying survey results

Two diagrams display models of the power-use process, offering visual confirmation of the interrelationships of critical elements of power use

Provides a full bibliography for further study of the use of personal power in organizational settings

An extensive and helpful index offers access to all critical elements of power theory and practice allowing the reader easy reference