• Letstango Extended Warranty (EXW) is an additional protection plan on all manufacture defaults Which covers all software, and hardware defaults.
  • EXW cover begins at the end of the 1st year after the product purchase and completes at the end of the 2nd year after the product purchase date.
  • EXW does not cover any accidental damage or misuse of the device.
  • EXW does not cover any of the accessories comes with the device.

    Covered Items

    Mobile Phones / Tablets

    Laptops /PCs / Gaming Consoles

    Digital Cameras/DSLR / Video Cameras


    Warranty coverage limits:

    The value of the device under the EXW coverage is limited to the current market price value of that model.


    Software claims are free during the EXW period, however Hardware claims are free one time only during the EXW period. Deductible will apply for the second Hardware claim during the EXW period as below:
    • AED 100 for products up to AED 2,000.
    • AED 200 for all products above AED 2,000.

    Maximum numbers of Hardware claims allowed during the EXW period is two claims.

    Pickup and delivery process:

    • Customer raises a claim to LT customer support.
    • Warranty response team will arrange for device pickup at customer convenience.
    • Warranty response team will take a picture of the device to be documented, customer then will sign the claim form.
    • Turnaround time is 14 days for the device to be repaired and delivered back to the customer.
    • Customer to acknowledge receipt upon delivery.