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      Ramadan Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

      Posted by Aurilia Shaw - April, 04

      Ramadan Gift Ideas: Find them here ate!

      The holy month of Ramadan is here again. During this month Muslims from all over the world gather  together to worship, fast, Donate to the people in need, give presents to the young ones and spend time  with their families and friends.It is considered a very special month for the Muslims.

      Here, I have curated four ideas on how you can enjoy Ramadan with your family or friends.


      Let's start with something sweet cause who doesn't have a sweet tooth right? The Godiva chocolates..  who really needs a reason to eat chocolate, I for sure don't. And From all the chocolates I have tasted in  my life, this sure beats all the Godiva chocolate. As chocolates is a symbol of happiness and no occasion  especially Ramadan is complete without them. So why not go ahead and spread the happiness by gifting  the Godiva chocolate to your loved ones on this occasion and watch the smile you bring to their  face. Remember during Ramadan time you don't just fast, you also feast.


      Ramadan is the month where we all seek blessings and how do we earn blessings? Through our good  deeds. When reciting the Quran you bring pleasure to Allah since he can see your devotion to him  without any disturbance or interruption.So if you want to earn blessings this is the time to start.  Check out our collection of Qurans to choose yours.


      Kitchen appliances

      During Iftar a lot of families gather together to relish all the wonderful home-cooked dishes and beverages that's  prepared for them. And since it falls in the summer this year wouldn't we all love an ice cold smoothie or shake. So the next time you prepare any beverage, why not try the Philips Blender ProBlend Crush which makes blending super easy for you. During this period I love to make the classic milk and dates smoothie, adding some ice to it and you get that milkshake feel. You got to try it! 

      Arabic Sweets

      Indulge this month on our array of delicious nibbles, the perfect way for everyone to enjoy this Ramadan  while conversing into the night with their friends and families.Now as all kinds of sweets are served after Iftar how can we forget our favourite Baklava and since it's a tradition to break fast with dates. We have a  special combo gift set of Baklawa and Dates by NJD. Not to forget for the sugar conscious ones we also  have the Sugarfree Desserts by NJD. So what are you waiting for? Do go and have a look at our specially created combos for all your family members and loved ones.

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