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Small Dates and Baklawa Box

AED 20.00

Your Gift Contains: • 2 Belgian Milk chocolate covered majdoul Dates • 2 pieces Pistachio Baklawa • Box Size: LxBxH:...

Dates, Baklawa Assorted arrangement by NJD

AED 199.00

Your Gift Contains: • 26 pieces Milk chocolate and roasted Pistachio covered majdoul dates • 18 pieces Ghuraibeh • 12pieces...

Baklawa and Dates by NJD

AED 210.00

Your Gift Contains: • 30 Milk chocolate covered Majdoul dates • 30 pieces Baklava Bookaj Pistachio • Box Size: LxBxH:...

Baklawa, Mamoul and Dates Assorted Arrangement by NJD

AED 275.00

Your Gift Contains: • 6 pieces chocolate covered dates with roasted Pistachio • 21 pieces Baklawa Bookaj • 16 pieces...

Baklawa, Dates and Chocolate Gift by NJD

AED 139.00

Your Gift Contains: Pistachio Baklawa: 6pcs Almond Baklawa: 6pcs Assorted Milk Chocolate: 12pcs Chocolate covered roasted nuts dates: 6pcs Box/Tray...

10pc Assorted Dates and Baklawa by NJD

AED 58.50

Your Gift Contains: • 2 pieces chocolate covered majdoul dates • 2 pieces chocolate covered majdoul dates with roasted Pistachio...
Baklawa and Dates Gift box by NJD Baklawa and Dates Gift box by NJD
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Baklawa and Dates Gift box by NJD

AED 169.00 AED 143.65

Your Gift Contains: Assorted Baklawas: 31pcs Belgian Milk Chocolate Covered Dates: 16 pieces Box/Tray Size: LxBxH: 31x25x5cm HANDLING AND STORAGE...

Assorted Ramadan Hamper by NJD

AED 229.00

Your Gift Contains: Assorted Belgian milk chocolate truffles: 17pieces Chocolate and Pistachio Dates: 10 pieces Chocolate and Roasted Almonds Dates:...

Baklawa and Tray Arrangement by NJD

AED 135.00

Your Gift Contains: Milk Chocolate Dates with Almond: 8 pieces Almond Baklawa: 21 pieces Pistachio Baklawa: 7 pieces Box/Tray Size:...