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      Make your Tea-time Tea-riffic!

      Posted by Aurilia Shaw - May, 21

      International Tea Day is an opportunity to celebrate heritage, health benefits and economic importance of tea while working to make its production sustainable. It aims to draw global attention to citizens, on the importance of global tea trade to workers and growers, and has been linked to requests for price support and fair trade. China is currently the largest exporter of tea but how many of you are aware that Dubai has become the largest re-exporter of tea in the world since 2004.
      Tea is an aromatic beverage that has great demand in the world market and is considered the most popular drink in the UAE. Now each country has their own favourite tea while black tea is standard , Karak tea is most consumed in the UAE.

      Do checkout the exquisite tea products that are available exclusively at letstango.

      1. FISSMAN GUNFU Glass Tea Pot: For most of us, our mornings don’t start without a cup of tea and a tea lover is always on the lookout for products that add more excitement to the process of brewing. If that sounds a lot like you, then the teapot with the infuser is something that would catch your fancy. Using a teapot infuser provides space for tea leaves to open up entirely thereby releasing depth of flavor. 
      2. Asobu Ice Tea and Coffee Infuser Glass Water Bottle : As the name suggests an Infuser bottle is a product that helps you brew tea within the bottle with the help of an infuser. So if you are looking to gift something to your loved ones or treat yourself with something useful, the infuser bottle with multiple colours is what you should go for.
      3. FISSMAN Ceramic Tea Pot : Designed to be functional, Teapots are also aesthetically pleasing to look at. Teapots are used to steep tea, unlike kettles which are mainly used to heat water for tea.They are available in different styles, both traditional and modern looking .However if your still looking for kettles then we also have the "Germany Technology Touch Control Glass Kettle". The temperature is controlled by buttons on the kettle and shown on the LCD display.



      And if you love to sweeten your tea up, it's always a great idea to add some honey to your tea! Here you can find a selection of the best honey!

      Whether you’re looking for gift inspiration for your favorite tea lover or looking to add to your own collection, this list of products that are available at LetsTango is a must-have for every tea lover. So, no matter the brew, you can always try something new.

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