FISSMAN GUNFU Glass Tea Pot 560ml

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Let’s make a great cup of tea like a real barista!

Just get and use our visually stunning Glass Teapot maker which brews an aromatic tea for your whole family.

Made from high-grade glass material, which is incredibly durable and long-lasting than other teapot options.

Pouring spout controls the liquid flow while serving without splashing out of the cups.

The polished and glittery finish conveys both the modern and luxurious look to the kitchen and dining!

The simple and professional way of making the taste bud to feel the real aroma is on your hands now!

Fill the infuser chamber with the required amount of loose tea leaves, or bagged tea or herbal tea, then pour the hot water.

That’s it! You can now have the supreme flavored tea that is brewed and gathered on the glass below the strainer. Just impress your friends by serving a delicious hot drink as a royal chef!

Directions For Use:

  • Fill the infuser or strainer with fresh tea leaves
  • Pour hot water and let the tea steep for a while
  • Release the brewed tea by pressing the button on the lid
  • Wait for the tea to settle down on the glass below
  • Pour the tea straight away into the teacup


  • Tea Pot Material: Glass
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Available Volumes: 560ml And 900ml