Yamaha YDP 164 Digital Piano Rosewood

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Yamaha YDP 164 Rosewood Design
This Yamaha YDP 164 Rosewood is a full-sized 88 key piano with a pair of built-in stereo speakers. If you’re practicing at home, then these are the only thing you need to start practicing.

Yamaha YDP 164 is a 53.4 inches x 16.6 inches x 33.4 inches piano weighing about 92.6 pounds. It is a cabinet style digital piano. So, when you are putting this in your house it will look beautiful and bring ravishing appearance in your room in addition to your piano playing facility.

Although this digital piano looks enough slim that doesn’t change the fact that it is heavy and not portable enough. the Digital Piano Yamaha YDP 164 : Full Review in 2020. So, before moving it around, get some help on it.

Yamaha YDP 164 Rosewood Keyboard
When you are buying any type of piano, be it digital or acoustic, the first and foremost thing you have to consider is the keyboard. The keyboard of this piano is very elegant, not only in terms of the external finishing but also the internal specifications.

The keyboard of Yamaha YDP 164 is based on top quality GH3 (Graded Hammer) keyboard action. Moreover, it has a synthetic ivory and ebony look, wooden texture finish which brings elegancy in its look. In addition to these, it has a 3-sensor configuration.

So, the keys of this piano are full-sized weighted and can give you the feel of operating an acoustic piano. We have a number of digital pianos on this service list that you can check out the Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano and Casio CTK 3500 and A Brief History of the Piano: A Natural Story of Its Origins and Evolutions.

Polyphony is the number of sounds an instrument can produce at the same time. The polyphony feature prevents the sample from cutting off, so you don’t need to worry about the interruptions in music. Not all pianos are facilitated with this quality. There are 192 notes of polyphony in this piano which is more than enough to cover for any piece of any genre, that too for players of any experience. Also, don’t forget to check my piano buying guide and piano apps article What is The Best Piano Brands in the World – A Complete Buyer’s Guide on 2021 and The 10 best piano learning apps for android and iOS or Mac.

Yamaha YDP 164 Rosewood
Sound Effects
This piano can voice about 10 different other instruments. These include 3 types of Grand pianos, 2 different sounding electric pianos, 2 organs, vibraphone, strings, and harpsichords.

When you play the piano alongside these voices will make you feel like you can play every instrument.

Yamaha YDP 164 features 2 20W speakers. These speakers are very powerful and cover a larger area with their sounds. Not only it has a high volume but also it sounds clean and clear.

The downward-facing speaker position along with two narrow speakers on top will give you a very realist vibe and it will feel relaxing.

Yamaha YDP 164 Rosewood Modes
You can play any kind of music with this piano using any of the two modes it provides. Both of these modes split the piano in half and produce a different set of sounds.

In Dual mode, the voices of the piano get layered and the piano gets split into half. One half plays one voice, and the other one plays another voice.

Moreover, in the Duo play mode, the voice of the same instrument with the same octave can be played on both ends of the piano. This ideal when you are playing along with your friend or partner and there are no extra pianos or when you train with your trainer playing beside you.

Connection with Other Devices
The Digital Piano Yamaha YDP 164 uses a B-type USB port to connect with any other external devices. There are two ¼ inches stereo jacks for connecting with an audio output device. With this, you can connect to any audio output and use to record the CFX concert grand.

The USB-to-Host port which is located below the piano works as a MIDI recorder and controller. In addition to that, you can connect your piano with Yamaha exclusive smart pianist app through these connections easily.

Yamaha YDP 164 is built for home use moreover the studio use. So, there is not much connectivity option in this digital piano.

Yamaha YDP 164 Rosewood Additional Accessories
Some other accessories that come with the Yamaha YDP 164 package are –

An exclusive music book of 50 classical music pieces
Music rest
Power Adapter
User Manual
(Sometimes) Bench
Headphone Jack and USB