Yamaha FGX820C Dreadnought Cutaway – Natural

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The Yamaha FGX820C Dreadnought Cutaway – Natural stems from a long heritage of amazing FG “folk guitar” acoustic guitars and gives you incredible value at an entry-level price. The guitar’s combination of premium tonewoods makes it a great value for seasoned players. Its combination of a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides is responsible for the FGX820C’s beautiful voice. And Yamaha’s System-66 electronics take that sound onto the stage. Let your guitar-playing journey start with an amazing instrument you’ll love playing for years to come – the Yamaha FGX820C acoustic guitar.

Yamaha chose a solid Sitka spruce top for their Yamaha FGX820C Dreadnought Cutaway – Natural for both its look and tone. Sitka spruce has a well-rounded, articulate sound with excellent projection. These qualities have made it the undisputed leader for acoustic guitar tops throughout the industry. And because it’s a solid-wood top, the tone will age gracefully, with enhanced harmonics and greater tonal balance as the years go by. And Yamaha improved their scalloped bracing on the FGX820C to allow for more top movement, resulting in a larger low end and more projection.

The Yamaha FGX820C Dreadnought Cutaway – Natural sports a back and sides made from mahogany. This really is a go-to tonewood for strummers at Sound Town for its warm tone that is always well balanced. Its rich sound enhances the midrange frequencies while maintaining top-end clarity. The sound is gentle and full, which is ideal for vocal accompaniment. Combined with the lively and defined sound of the spruce top, you’ll love the rich tone you get from the Yamaha FGX820C’s mahogany.

Yamaha FGX820C Dreadnought Cutaway – Natural Features:
Value-packed acoustic-electric
Solid Sitka spruce top ages gracefully
Mahogany back and sides offer warmth and balance
System-66 electronics deliver great plugged-in tone
Single cutaway offers access to the higher frets