WOLFBOX G840S 12" 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

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G840S Stream Media DashCam will display the rear image automatically on the full screen when you start the car. The rear image is 1.5 times larger than the ordinary rearview mirror. A clearer image can be seen behind the car synchronously with a rare blind spot. Whether you need to record certain driving moments or keep an eye on the car, G840S is here to help.

Enhanced Night Vision
Equipped with advanced Analogy High Definition (AHD technology ), the 1080P front and backup camera can automatically balance the light and dark areas of the video to give you a better night vision experience. resulting in crisper, clearer details compared to traditional vehicle mirror camera.

WDR Technology
G840S mirror dash cam is equipped with WDR/HDR technology, it is suitable for situations like low light or backlight, WDR is able to restore the true colours of objects to the greatest extent. WDR is able to show a fully balanced exposure, with the ability to compensate for light and dark spots of the frame in one shot.

G840S car mirror dash cam with built-in G-Sensor. When an external impact or the collision hits the car reaches the sensing level set by the G-Sensor, it will automatically activate and start recording a 1min lock-on video. ensuring your most important footage is kept protected.