Sony Playstation 5 DS EDGE Wireless Controller

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Sony Playstation 5 DS EDGE Wireless Controller 

This new PS5 controller, designed with great performance and customization in mind, enables you to create a unique gaming experience so you can play your own way. Experience all of the immersive capabilities of the DualSense wireless controller, including adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, motion controls, a built-in microphone, and more.

Ultra-customizable Controls - Every game requires a special set of controls for you to play comfortably. Thus, the Sony PS5 controller has the option of remapping and saving buttons for individual games. You can switch between the saved profiles while playing the game.

Adjustable Triggers, Stick Sensitivity, and Vibration - Configure your stick dead zones, stick sensitivity, and trigger dead zones for fine-tuned inputs, as well as your vibration intensity, for a totally personalized gaming experience.

Control Profiles That Can be Swapped - Once you have discovered your optimal control settings, you can switch between them on the fly and store them in distinct profiles, ensuring that your configurations are always available when you are.

Slip-resistant - The PS5 controller won’t cause any interruptions in long gaming sessions. It has slip-resistant inner grips that offer comfort and stability. 

Use with DualSense Charging Station - Choose the DualSense Charging Station that offers an easy and safe way to charge your controller when not in use.