Samsung S95B OLED 4K Smart TV

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  • Experience the difference. By Samsung.
  • Deep black and full color in self-illuminating pixels
  • Boosted brightness and color by neural networks

Deep black and full color in self-illuminating pixels
Unlike traditional OLED, Samsung’s unique OLED provides unrivaled deep black, clean white and full shades of alive color. With cutting edge self illuminating LED, you can enjoy more accurate, pure and bright picture than any other.

Neural Quantum Processor 4K
Samsung OLED's Neural Quantum Processor 4K creates the best viewing experience. Its perceptional color mapping and OLED brightness booster provides unrivaled brightness, color, contrast and detail. Brilliant 4K AI Upscaling technology completed by 20 neural networks ensures you feel the power of 4K.

LaserSlim Design
The laser-like slim design looks sleek and stylish while being uniquely beautiful and strong. Its minimalistic bezel and slim flat back profile blends seamlessly into any interior, no matter the size of the space.

Dolby Atmos
Samsung's new top channel speakers deliver a next level Dolby Atmos experience that will immerse gamers inside the action with multi dimensional sound.