Professor Puzzle THE BIG MOVIE QUIZ Game - Challenges Long Term Memory with 100 of Questions On Comedy, Classics, Action, Oscar Movies, Fun Family and Friends Activity Game Night

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Calling all party game quiz game enthusiasts. Test develop your movie trivia knowledge on Comedy Classics, Oscar Winners Action Movies. Designed for the lover of all things retro, this movie quiz game is set inside of a classic VHS tape. Part of Professor Puzzles Games Academy - A collection of fun, unique trivia quiz games / party games. PRESS PLAY on this set of movie questions that looks like an old VHS tape! LEARN to use your long- term memory to recall names, quotes and stories from famous Hollywood hits. CONTAINS 100 questions on Comedy Classics, 100 questions on Oscar Winners and 100 questions on Action Movies. DESIGNED for the lover of all things retro- this set of movie trivia packed inside VHS tapes looks great on any movie or game shelf. DEVELOPED by Professor Puzzle as part of the Games Academy collection- a group of card and paper based games for the whole family!