Prestige Clip-on Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, Cook And Serve Pot with Extra Glass Lid, 3 Liters

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This progressive clasp on weight cooker is intended for greatest security. It accompanies 4 wellbeing gadgets - the Weight or Whistle, pressure pointer, gasket discharge framework and the security valve

Special one hand activity Clip-on widespread cover can be set toward any path and safely bolted with no problems. This top can be utilized on numerous utensils like Kadhai, Handi or Casserole

Draw out the rich flavours and taste with this substantial check tempered steel Alpha baselined cooker range by cooking on a customary gas oven or acceptance cooktop

The new exceptional clasp on the cover can be utilized to change over any utensil in this weight cookware range into a cooker. The cover can be set in any position and safely bolted without a HASSLES

One cover accompanies pressure marker that goes about as locking gadget. Likewise, a gasket discharge framework for Extra wellbeing. Second glass cover has an uncommonly planned handle for setting scoops while cooking