Portable Sterilization Stick Disinfection Rod Personal Care Traveling Sterilizer UV Sanitizer Light UV Lamp Clean Air

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Sterilize Disinfection Remove Mites 3 in 1 Multifunctional UV Disinfection Stick Portable handheld Home Travel

The use of ultraviolet light removes bacteria covering household items. Maintain cleanliness in the room, closet, and household items. Avoid being covered by bacteria
The lightweight, hand-held clamshell design saves space and can be sterilized at any time. Simple operation, just press the switch button to sterilize
Built-in automatic safety switch, when the rotating germicidal lamp tube faces upward in the working state, the ultraviolet light is automatically turned off
To restore to the working state, just rotate the germicidal lamp tube facing downward

1. Avoid direct unprotected exposure to deep UV rays.
2. It is strictly forbidden to directly contact ultraviolet rays without protection.
3. It is strictly forbidden to look directly into the UV without wearing protective glasses.