Petronas Tutela Transmission Fluid W140/M-DA 1 Ltr

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W 140/M-DA - 1 LTR. Fluid for mechanical transmissions of cars, commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles, undercarriage elevators, fork lifts. It is suitable for use in gears and differentials with hypoid gears and steering boxes, wherever lubrication with Extreme Pressure (E.P.) characteristics is required. Excellent E.P. properties in order to have optimal protection even in extreme conditions (starting, acceleration etc.) and of high load with low revsExcellent anti-wear characteristics for more durable transmission components (gears, bearings, shafts, selectors, etc). High anti-foaming and demulsifying characteristics in order to have constant lubrication and maximum heat removal. High viscosity index in order to optimise the fluency in every operating temperature condition. SAE 85W-140, API GL 5, ZF TE-ML 16D, 21A, IVECO 18-1805 CLASSE RAM2, CONTRACTUAL TECHNICAL REF. N°I014.N87, MIL-L-2105 D Performance.