Petronas Tutela Matryx Moto 75W85 Transmission Fluid 1 Ltr

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SAE 75W85 TRANSMISSION - 1 LTR. Synthetic-based multigrade lubricant for mechanical transmissions of cars with high thermal stability. The particular additive technology of Tutela Matryx, combined with the use of synthetic bases, warrants high protection against the formation of scaling, also under especially harsh operating temperature conditions. Excellent antiwear properties for optimum protection of the mechanical parts under all lubricating conditions and longer component life. Viscosity grading specifically intended to optimise gearbox handling also at low temperatures. Fuel economy characteristics which by attenuating internal system friction allow a reduction of fuel consumption. Compatible with the materials used in seals. Tutela Matryx exceeds the quality requirements of the major European Manufacturers and therefore can be used in cars of every make, type and power rating. API GL 4, SAE 75W-85, FIAT 9.55550-MZ1 CONTRACTUAL TECHNICAL REF. N° F108.F02