Neem Face Wash 1+1 Offer 150ml

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Formulated with Neem extracts which effectively helps clear acne and pimples, this face wash deep cleanses the face gently without excessively drying the skin. It also contains Chamomile & Tea Tree which have soothing and strong antioxidant priorities which help in clearing the skin, making it feel fresh and nourished.

With Chamomile & Tea Tree Reduces Pimples and nourishes skin
1. Dermatologically tested 2. Hypo-allergenic 3. Proven for efficacy

How to Use:
Take appropriate amount and apply wet face and neck. Massage gently in circular motion to work up a lather, avoiding eye area. Rinse off throughly with water and gently pat dry. Use regularly for a fresh and pimple free skin.