SHES Lab Blue Clay Clear Mask

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Wash off mask that helps to remove dead skin and clears out sebum and care pores with cool clay formulation, containing walnut shells. 

1 - Cooling tightens the skin.
2 - Makes Skin Smoother
3 - Removes Skin Oil
4 - Cleans skin pores
1 - Cooling skin effect with clay texture
Smoothly applied into skin with clay texture providing instant cooling 
skin effect and firms up pore tightening.
2 - Exfoliating & strong sebum control effect!
Cosmetics ingredient containing Apricot seed power not only help 
exfoliating but also caring for the pure pore control.
3 - Abundant nutritional benefits!
Peppermint extract, AQUAXYL, Allantoin will help your skin moisturize with nutritious skin management