Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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A1-Light Black


Headaches, sore or tired eyes, and stiff necks are all symptoms of digital eyestrain.

Blue Blockers Glasses 
Livho blue light glasses can bring all-around bluelight protection for your eyes, help you filter 99% harmful blue ray, relieve your eyestrain, visual fatigue and dry eye when Gaming/Reading/TV/PC/Laptop.

Fashion Adjustable TR90 Frames
Ultra lightweight and flexible TR90 eyewear, durability and comfortable long-term wearing. Trendy frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish while working or playing video game.

HD Polycarbonate Lense
Anti Glare, non-prescription light amber tint lens block more blue rays than others and restore true colors. Enjoy your digital time.

Better Life

Livho eye glasses allow you to face the computer screen longer, protect your eyes from blu-ray. Bring better experience to office work and gamer