Dexe Hair Building Fibers Plus Hair Locking Spray Combo Pack

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MenDexe Hair Building Fibers is a very well known hair concealer product around the world. If you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss, Dexe hair building fibers will improve the appearance of your hair and help you regain your confidence by adding hair to your thinning hair. Works for both men and women. Dexe hair building fibers instantly fill in thinning hair and bald spots. Dexe hair building fibers is not a treatment but an instant solution for hair loss. In just less than a minute, you'll have a perfect natural look with a full head of hair.

Dexe Hair Building Fibers are charged with static electricity so that they intertwine with your natural hair. The fibers bond securely with your hair. They stay in place securely until you wash them out. Dexe hair building fibers withstand rain, wind, and perspiration better than other regular hair building fibers due to its new hair building formula.