FISSMAN Stockpot GRETA 28x12.5 cm / 6.5 LTR with glass lid (aluminum with non-stick coating)

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Casserole GRETA with glass lid. Made of aluminum with TouchStone non-stick coating. The main advantage is the system of multi-layer non-stick coating, consisting of several layers of natural stone chips based on mineral components, which has an antibacterial effect. Coating - 4-layer; Coating structure - smooth; Coating hardness 2H; Wear resistance - 3000 cycles; Thickness 25-35?m; Dishwasher safe. Fissman manufactures reliable cooking utensils made of stainless steel or aluminum. The Danish manufacturer is a guarantee of the high quality of products: the standards adopted in the EU do not allow the company to deviate a single step from the current standards, otherwise the most severe sanctions will follow. It is for this reason that Fissman products are among the safest. The demand for the company's tableware is also due to the constant work of designers on new product lines: today you can find pots or pans that any customer will like, and this is the merit of the creative group that develops these models. Fissman cookware combines centuries-old traditions of metal work and high-quality steel, processed on modern equipment. Moreover, the company offers a unique technology that is the fruit of many years of research. We are talking about the Fissman BioEcolisticR series, which is the latest product, the demand for which has forced the company to think about expanding its production. This technology is a way of making tableware of the future, because it is the ceramic coating with maximum resistance to various influences that will determine the "fashion" for pans over the next 20 years.