FISSMAN Square grill pan GREY STONE 24x4 cm (aluminum with non-stick coating)

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The GREY STONE series from FISSMAN is innovative cookware made from natural eco-friendly materials. Aluminium heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. Safety is achieved with the extra-strong multi-layer coating Platinum. FISSMAN was the first brand that began to use the Platinum coating for the production of its cookware, focusing on natural safe raw materials.Platinum - professional coating recognised by professional leading chefs.GREY STONE products are manufactured using natural materials, therefore are safe health and do not harm the environment. The granular matt exterior is ideal for cooking with a crispy crust. The frying pans have a noble grey colour and look luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. The griddled frying pan bottom allows you to cook with a minimal amount of oil. The food makes no contact with the red-hot bottom so that dishes are kept juicy. The pouring lip allows you to drain off excess fluid and oil. The Bakelite handle is heat resistant and non-slip. The induction base of the frying pan heats up quickly and evenly to the desired temperature, eliminating food sticking. The GREY STONE series is one of the best from the FISSMAN cookware collection. The quality of the products has been tested over the years and used with pleasure by both professionals and ordinary cooks. A FISSMAN Platinum coating frying pan will be a reliable assistant in the daily preparation of tasty and healthy food. Choose the best for your family: trust the FISSMAN experience.