FISSMAN Oil&Vinegar Bottle Glass Set 2x250ml

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6514 Oil&Vinegar bottle set 2x250 ml (glass) A broad selection of high quality kitchen utensils designed specifically to make your cooking simple, quick and easy. Each element of the design is very important to achieve order and comfort at your kitchen. Any dressing (sauce, oil or vinegar) should have a special bottle for it. For these purposes, FISSMAN suggests using the two bottle set of oil and vinegar which comes with a dispenser which has several advantages: • The body is crafted from high quality shock-resistant glass • Thanks to the dispenser you can quickly pour the required amount of oil or vinegar without losing drips from the neck that accumulate on the surface • The dispenser lid fits tightly preventing liquid loss if the bottle tips over; it is also air tight preventing oxidation of the contents • Eco-friendly – products stay fresh and fragrant for a long while • Doesn’t react with food products and does not contain harmful substances • Safe for health and environmentally friendly When purchasing FISSMAN products, you make a choice in favour of high - quality, health and safety. Create, try new things, and treat yourself and your loved ones. FISSMAN wishes you success in the culinary field!