FISSMAN Frying pan SYDNEY STONE 28x5,7 cm (aluminum with non-stick coating)

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The SYDNEY STONE series from FISSMAN is innovative cookware made from natural eco-friendly materials. Aluminium heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. Safety is achieved with the extra-strong multi-layer coating Platinum. FISSMAN was the first brand that began to use the Platinum coating for the production of its cookware, focusing on natural safe raw materials. Platinum - professional coating recognised by professional leading chefs. The cookware has a noble gray colour with black and white speckles and look luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. The coating is corrosion and abrasion resistant. The different colour speckles are responsible for the resistance to different types of impact, and the manufacturer uses layers that protect against different types of damage. SYDNEY STONE products are manufactured using natural materials, therefore are safe health and do not harm the environment. Both meat and vegetable meals are cooked quickly and well due to the smooth surface. The cookware is easy to clean. The bakelite handle is non- slip and heat resistant. The original design makes SYDNEY STONE cookware the most desired decoration of any kitchen: the luxurious look of the inner coating and a stylish design with a deep graphite tone on the outside. The induction base of the frying pan heats up quickly and evenly to the desired temperature, eliminating food sticking. The SYDNEY STONE series is one of the best from the FISSMAN cookware collection. A FISSMAN Platinum coating cookware will be a reliable assistant in the daily preparation of tasty and healthy food. Choose the best for your family: trust the FISSMAN experience.