FISSMAN Frying Pan SEAGREEN 24x4.5cm with Wooden Handle Enamelled Lightweight Cast Iron with Non-Stick Coating

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Cook like a professional chef and impress your family and friends!

Get our Frying pan to be more innovative with your cooking techniques and serve supreme flavor dishes.

Made from the light-weight tough cast iron material, hold the heat for a longer time to keep the food warm for a substantiate time.

The inner coatings are seasoned with unique honeycomb texture to distribute the heat evenly and reduce the oil consumption as it disperses along with the complete pan.

You can use this multipurpose frying pan in gas stoves, electric stoves, glass-ceramic, and induction bottom. 

The Xylan Plus non-stick coating is scratch-resistant, makes cleaning easy as no food debris stuck to the frying pan.

The eco-friendly coating without the toxic PFOA avoids the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals to preserve the food in a hygienic way.

The ergonomic, sturdy non-slip wooden handle, ensures a strong and comfortable grip and it also keeps your hands out of the heat. Just enjoy sauteing, broiling, deep-frying, and roasting with this glossy and classic look frying pan!


Color: Turquoise

Material: Cast Iron

Compatible With: Gas Stove, Electric Stove, Glass Ceramic and Induction 

Non-Stick Coating: Xylan Plus

Handle Material: Wood