FISSMAN Frying pan ALLENDE 26x5.7 cm (aluminum with non-stick coating)

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The new range cookware ALLENDE from FISSMAN is a real technological breakthrough in the creation of cookware! The Greblon C3 coating was developed and manufactured in Germany by experienced technologists from Greblon ( The innovative multi-layer non-stick coating, Greblon C3, has ceramic particles included in its composition, giving it the exceptional properties of excellent rust, abrasion and scratch resistance. Completely safe for your health, environmentally friendly and practical, combined with modern technology - these are the distinguishing features of the ALLENDE cookware series. The best solution for your kitchen! Greblon C3 is highly rated by professional chefs around the world. The surface is resistant to wear, damage and corrosion. The coating is an exceptionally environmentally friendly raw material; it does not contain compounds that pose a threat to health or the environment. Due to the specially applied technology the coating feels and looks the equivalent of natural stone. The rough surface of the pan is ideal for cooking to a crispy delicious crust. Thick sides for lasting durability! The soft to the touch bakelite handles are designed in a noble grey wooden effect colour are pleasant to the touch, non-slip and stay cool. Full Induction technology - the entire surface of the induction disc has magnetic conduction properties, so the frying pan is better recognised by the induction cooker's sensors. The FISSMAN ALLENDE cookware series is the choice of those who do not tolerate compromises when it comes to quality. Each product is like a work of art, combining reliability, versatility and durability. By purchasing this cookware, you invest in the most valuable thing we have our health. Improve your life by choosing of the best that FISSMAN offers.