FISSMAN Deep frying pan GRACE 20x5,5 cm (aluminum with non-stick coating)

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The main feature of the series and the pride of the Fissman brand is the ultra-durable multi-layer non-stick coating TouchStone of its own design. It consists of several layers of stone chips based on mineral components. There are no harmful impurities in the composition - only safe natural raw materials.

TouchStone is the finish of choice for professional chefs.
The surface is smooth with gold flecks. Frying pans look spectacular and can become a decoration of any kitchen.
The coating is resistant to corrosion and abrasion.
The deep shape allows the whole family to cook, saving time, effort and energy.
The wide side is a guarantee of strength and durability.
Bakelite handles with soft-touch effect are a novelty on the tableware market. They are pleasant to the touch, do not slip in the hands, do not heat up during cooking, due to the curved shape when cooking, they do not come into contact with the fire on the gas stove.
Products have an induction bottom

The Grace series is the choice of those who value quality and strive to eat healthy and tasteful. With them, the most daring culinary fantasies will come true. Be creative, try new things, pamper yourself and your loved ones.