FISSMAN Crepe Pan SPARK STONE Series 20cm with Induction Bottom Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating

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Crepe pan SPARK STONE 20 cm with induction bottom (aluminium with non-stick coating) When choosing a frying pan, it is important to think about safety from a health point of view. Eco-friendly materials are not a tribute to changing fashion, but a guarantee that the food will not only be tasty but good for you.
The SPARK STONE series from FISSMAN is a combination of quality, aesthetics and safety. SPARK STONE cookware is a real gift to those who choose the best for themselves and their family.
The main characteristic and the pride of FISSMAN is the ultra-strong multi-layer non-stick TouchStone coating that was developed by the company.
• TouchStone coating is what professional chefs choose.
• The rough finished surface has gold and silver speckles. The frying pans look spectacular and will be a decorative addition to any kitchen.
• The rough surface is ideal for cooking to a delicious crispy crust.
• The coating is corrosion and abrasion resistant. The different colour speckles are responsible for the resistance to different types of impact, and the manufacturer uses layers that protect against different types of damage.
• The low sides are convenient for flipping and sliding pancakes straight onto the plate.
• The bakelite handle is heat resistant and non-slip.
• Suitable for all hob types including induction.
• The series SPARK STONE includes cookware for cooking different kinds of meals: a saucepan, stockpots, classic and deep frying pan, crepe pan and a wok.
The SPARK STONE series is the choice of those who appreciate quality and strive to eat healthy and delicious meals. With SPARK STONE cookware your most daring culinary fantasies will become a reality. Create; try new things; indulge yourself and your loved ones. FISSMAN wishes you every success in the culinary field!