FISSMAN Ceramic Manual Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Shell 18cm

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Manual coffee grinder 18 cm (stainless steel shell with ceramic grinder) (12 pcs per display box) The secret of a happy morning is simple - a light jog, a cool shower and a cup of fragrant freshly grounded coffee.The process of making ground coffee is truly magical for lovers of this refreshing drink. Manual coffee grinders have served people grinding coffee beans since ancient times. Even now the manual coffee grinder is considered one of the most exquisite items in the house. The magic of preparing natural coffee will bring you even more pleasure with a manual coffee grinder from FISSMAN, which has undeniable advantages. • Reliability and durability - the case is made from stainless steel and is corrosion resistant • Thanks to reliable ceramic mechanism, the manual coffee bean grinder will ensure a consistent grinding of coffee beans that will reveal the depth of taste and aroma of this unique drink • The ceramic mechanism is easily adjusted to set to the required level of grinding • With coffee grinder the grinding will be perfect and the coffee beans will not fall out due to the closed design of the grinder • Ease of use- a few slow movements of the coffee mill handle will extract the fine flavor from your coffee beans for the refreshing cup of coffee • A convenient stylish coffee mill will serve you for a long time and will decorate the interior of any kitchen. • Safe for health and environmentally friendly FISSMAN is not just a big brand, but importantly it is of reliable quality, the product of the thorough work of technologists and designers and inspired by the idea of safe and reliable cookware.Any FISSMAN product is a worthy choice over other options. Preparing delicious meals is a pleasure and comes with the health benefits of using cookware from FISSMAN.