FISSMAN Borosilicate Glass French Press Coffee Maker MACCHIATO 600ml

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9066 French press coffee maker MACCHIATO 600 ml (borosilicate glass) Our environments constantly affect us and, therefore, our moods. There are some things we can use at home that leave us in an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Kettles, teapots and coffee-makers are certainly among these things, especially since lovers of hot drinks can be found in any family. If the process of making hot drinks in older times was a long and drawn-out ceremony, then the progress that has brought us a faster-paced life has also brought its own improvements to speed up time-consuming processes. The FISSMAN company has released a new stylish series of French presses, made with parts specialized for fast and easy use and also for saving your time. The fundamental parts of a french press – a beaker with a filter and plunger – were made even more practical and reliable, resulting in the perfection of brewing technology. The beaker is made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass so it can both withstand sharp changes in temperature and keep your coffee hotter for longer. The durable build of the stainless steel plunger with a mesh filter makes for ideal filtration and lets out the full flavor of your coffee.