FISSMAN BAMBINO Saucepot with glass lid 12x7.5 cm / 0,8 LTR (stainless steel)

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BAMBINO products are mini versions that meet the highest requirements. While creating the collection, the FISSMAN developers followed the main principles on which the brand's reputation is built - reliability and environmental friendliness.

• Steel body 18/10 (INOX304) (high quality stainless steel)

• Multilayer induction bottom (for all types of plates, high thermal conductivity)

• Measuring scale (to control the amount of liquid)

• Transparent shock-resistant glass lid allows you to observe the readiness of food without opening the dishes, thereby eliminating splashes on skin and clothes

• Strong and easy to grip cast steel handles

• It is convenient to store ready-made food in small dishes, it does not take up much space in the refrigerator

• Mini-products can be taken with you on vacation, on a trip, to nature

• BAMBINO cookware is harmless, lightweight, durable, easy to clean and has a long service life

The attractive and practical design of BAMBINO cookware will find its place in any kitchen and will delight your little chefs.

By purchasing FISSMAN products, you make a choice in favor of the quality and safety of the dishes in which you will cook for yourself and your family.