FISSMAN Aluminium with Non-Stick Coating StockPot BRILLIANT 28x13.5cm/7.1 L with Detachable Handles and Glass Lid

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Stockpot BRILLIANT 28x13.5 cm / 7.1 LTR with detachable handles and glass lid (aluminum with non-stick coating) FISSMAN the well-known leader on the cookware market presents you with a new exclusive series of cookware, BRILLIANT, the main advantage of which is the professional non-stick coating XylanPlus (USA,
• The Professional XylanPlus coating contains ceramic particles that increase non-stick properties and provide reliable protection against mechanical abrasion
• The BRILLIANT cookware series meets international environmental standards with the appropriate safety certificates. FISSMAN cookware is produced without the use of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid), toxic or other carcinogenic substances.
• Thanks to removable bakelite handles BRILLIANT cookware can be used for baking in the oven. It is also convenient for storage unassembled.
• The design is thought out to the smallest detail: a unique olive-grey colour on the outside, a unique external surface with an extensive graphic pattern, as well as stylish removable bakelite handles with silicone inserts which satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated and modern buyer.
• The glass lid with a silicone rim which fits tightly without slipping or scratching the coating allows you to observe the food’s readiness without opening the lid and thus preventing splashes getting on skin and clothing.
• BRILLIANT cookware is a wide range of cookware for cooking different type dishes: comprising deep frying pans, saucepans and stockpots.
• The induction base of the BRILLIANT cookware series heats up quickly and evenly to the desired temperature. The BRILLIANT cookware series is suitable for all types of cookers.
The new BRILLIANT series of cookware from FISSMAN with its American XylanPlus coating claims leadership in the market thanks to its exclusive qualities. Treat yourself to this comfortable, practical and stylish cookware!