Feeding Friend self-inflating nursing pillow

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Dusty Rose
Baby Blue
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A portable and practical self-inflating wedge offering various levels of arm support to suit your feeding style, body type and growing baby. Perfect for wrist, arm and elbow support while cradling a newborn or toddler while bottle or breast feeding. The pillow easily rolls up and packs away in a storage bag making this the perfect companion for travelling with your baby!

Unique wedge shape:

Designed to support women of all shapes and sizes as it offers various levels of support. It is easy to reposition under your arm to take the strain off your arm, hand, wrist, neck, back and shoulders. As your feeding style adapts to your growing baby, this pillow is perfect for arm support in many sitting positions such as cross-legged, feeding upright or while breastfeeding baby in a football-side-hold.

Self-Inflating valve:

Be confident and comfortable while feeding outside of home. This feature allows you to take your support pillow everywhere! Simply open valve to allow pillow to expand in seconds- Automatically! Once pillow has taken it’s full shape, close valve to prevent air from escaping. Either leave pillow inflated for the next feed or simply pack away your pillow by opening the valve and pushing out the air as you roll the pillow up prior to storing inside a neat and compact travel bag.

Removable & washable cover:

Accidents and spills happen while feeding a baby which is why the cover is completely removable and washable making it super easy to keep clean!