Smily Kiddos Silky Crayon

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Silky crayon is known for its smooth finishing for enhancing children's art. It gives them immense pleasure to move the crayon on paper to see first lines and scribbles. As they learn how to make the geometric shapes and move onto a drawing of figures, the Silky Crayon symbolizes emotions and actions. Silky crayons are made from the ingredients of natural wax, oil, color pigments, fluorescence, and other supporting elements. They are resistant to moisture, dust, and elements. They have inbuilt characteristics of emanating radiance due to the bright pigments. Silky crayons dry faster and emanate a bright spectrum of light around them. The spectrum can last for a long time without losing its luster.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed for craft & art lovers
  • School Children, kids, & Adult can draw to their heart content and display their creativity
  • If you rub it with your fingers, it will have pastel effect
  • Great crayons for toddlers and young kids
  • Environmental protection material
  • Fast drying, easy to clean with water or damp cloth
  • These 12 vivid colors transfer brilliantly
  • Works best on white fabric and synthetic blends


  • Type - Silky Crayons
  • Age - 4 to 10 Years
  • Dimensions - 14 mm x 129 mm

Usage Tips:· Apply gentle strokes while coloring· For hard surfaces you may have to apply extra pressure· Store in a cool dry place· Avoid exposure to excess heat and cold