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neobömi Travellers Set

AED 245.00

Personal Care Neobomi Traveller's Box contains 6*0.6ml Tri-Hyaluron Serum, 2 DNA Cream Mask, 1 Apple Stem Cell Hyaluron Sheet Mask...

neobömi Starter Box

AED 166.00

The complete neobömi experience: apple stem cell hyaluronic acid mask (1 sachet), neobömi tri-hyaluronic serum (4 ampoules), neobömii chamomile hyaluronic...

neobömi Hyaluron Hand Cream

AED 125.00

The Neobomi hand ointment contains a moisturizing formula of glycerine and hyaluron that effectively moisturizes and keeps the skin elastic....

neobömi Protective Primer

AED 232.00

The 6- in-1 primer provides the perfect protection from the impact of harmful environmental factors on facial skin. It targets...

neobömi DNA Cream Mask

AED 563.00

The selected DNA complex increases the activity of skin cells and significantly improves their appearance. The valuable hyaluron provides the...

neobömi Tri Hyaluron Serum

AED 500.00

Unique Combination of 3 Hyaluronic Acids - The high-concentration dosage of low, medium and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid contained in...