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AED 79.00

7 in 1 Rechargeable Hair Clipper SHC 1014U Product Specification  HAIR CLIPPER/FULL SIZE TRIMMER / PRECISION TRIMMERNOSE, EAR AND EYEBROW...

Dr Teal's Thick & Full Essential Oil Conditioner Lavender 473ml

AED 40.00

Enriched with Lavender essential oil, Dr Teal’s Lavender Thick & Full Essential Oil Conditioner  helps protect and enhance your hair’s...

Dr Teal's Nourish & Moisture Essential Oil Shampoo Coconut Oil 473ml

AED 40.00

Enriched with Coconut essence and a blend of complementary essential oils, Dr Teal’s Coconut Nourish & Moisture Essential Oil Shampoo...

Dr Teal's Volume & Bounce Essential Oil Shampoo Eucalyptus & Spearmint 473ml

AED 40.00

Infused with a refreshing blend of Eucalyptus and Spearmint essential oils, Dr Teal’s Eucalyptus & Spearmint Volume & Bounce Essential...

The Barb Xpert After Shave Balm 125ml

AED 55.00

125ml Sandalwood Soothing After-Shave Balm This aftershave balm with its formula enriched in sandalwood provides immediate comfort and leaves a...

The Barb Xpert Body Trimmer Electrical Razor

AED 66.00

With an ergonomic shape, this Beard Shaver is also lightweight and easily portable. It features an adjustable guard comb (1, 3, 5,...

The Barb Xpert Barber Travel Case

AED 66.00

This elegant and foldable leatherette travel case features two additional storage pockets, keeping all your grooming essentials discreet and organized.

The Barb Xpert Moustache And Beard Wax 50G

AED 55.00

Specially developed for beard and moustache, this Moustache and Beard Wax maintains hair hydration and flexibility. It reduces frizz and tames the...

The Barb Xpert Shaving Soap 150ml

AED 55.00

This Instant Freshness Shaving Soap is made in France and allows the razor to glide effortlessly across the skin. Its semi-soft texture...

The Barb Xpert Nose And Ears Trimmer

AED 55.00

This Ear + Nose Hair Trimmer features a blade guard system to keep the stainless steel blades safe, secure, and focused on...

The Barb Xpert Beard Shampoo 150ml

AED 42.00

For an even cleaner and cleaned beard "The Barb'Xpert" offers the right shampoo for a thorough cleaning of your beard...

The Barb Xpert Manicure Travel Set

AED 49.00

Made of the essentials of manicure items (nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, nail file), the Franck Provost manicure kit can be...

The Barb Xpert Beard Brush

AED 49.00

This Beard Brush from Franck Provost gently smoothes and detangles your beard. The boar bristles remove dead skin without weakening the hair,...

The Barb Xpert Ergonomic Men Brush

AED 39.00

The Franck Provost wooden brush allows to detangle and brush the hair while exerting a stimulating action on the scalp thanks to...

The Barb Xpert Soft Touch Nose And Ears Scissors

AED 35.00

These highly sharp Facial Hair Scissors allow you to cut the hair of the nose and ears safely thanks to its rounded...

The Barb Xpert Metal Beard Shaping Comb

AED 33.00

A sculpting comb ideal for a cut and maintained beard. Made of stainless steel, will not rust and will stand...

The Barb Xpert Soft Touch Nail Scissors

AED 27.00

This pair of highly sharpened scissors allows you to cut your nails easily, following their natural shape. The soft touch toenail clipper comes in...

The Barb Xpert Wooden Beard Comb

AED 29.00

The Wooden Beard Comb adds structure to your hair and avoids knots for a neat, crisp look. Unlike a plastic comb, this...

The Barb Xpert Hair Wooden Comb

AED 22.00

The Franck Provost wooden comb is perfect for detangling and combing hair without leaving a static charge. It's gentle on...

The Barb Xpert Toe Nail Clipper

AED 18.00

Thanks to its high sharpening, the Franck Provost soft touch toenail clipper allows to cut precisely, normal and hard nails....

The Barb Xpert Shaping Beard Comb

AED 22.00

The Franck Provost sculpting comb is the perfect solution to masterunstructured beard. This accessory can be used in combination withtrimmers...

The Barb Xpert Hair Razor

AED 18.00

Light and convenient, the franck Provost hair sharpener enables to cut or thin out the hair

The Barb Xpert Pocket Mirror

AED 18.00

mirror to view the most fine details on the face.
Philips OneBlade Pro QP6505/23
Sale 4%

Philips OneBlade Pro QP6505/23

AED 279.00 AED 269.00

The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new hybrid styler that can trim, shave and create clean lines and edges, on...