WPM MS 130T Temp. Control Milk Steamer (Auto)

AED 2,005.00

Fully automatic milk steamer. Compact and professional design. Temperature Setting between 40°C and 90°C. Strong steam, one-button automatic cleaning. 4...

WPM ZD 10 Coffee Grinder W/o Timer

AED 415.00

Plastic body 10 grinding set Hopper capacity is 250g

WPM ZD 10T Coffee Grinder W/timer Black

AED 465.00

Plastic body 10 grinding set with timer Hopper capacity is 250g Black in color

WPM ZD 17N Coffee Grinder

AED 1,365.00

Automatic Coffee Grinder. Burr Type: Conical. Uses a powerful yet quiet, belt-drive system. Adjustable grind settings on a scale of...