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      Ramadan 2021: The Best 30 Days of The Year

      Posted by Nesma Zuhrah - April, 11

      The best 30 days of the year are around the corner and for those celebrating they know that means delicious food, late night gatherings and most importantly inner peace.

      Ramadan is a month where families always get together for Iftar or Suhoor, varieties of dishes are prepared and lots of beverages are consumed especially during these hot days. One of my favorite beverages is fresh orange juices especially with the ongoing pandemic Vitamin C is always a good choice. Before Iftar I always prepare my juice with the Smeg juicer not only does it look good on your counter but because of the high quality it is guaranteed to stay with you for years and years. We can't forget the Vimto. It has become more like a traditional Ramadan juice, and now you can have it sugar free!  

      We are done with the beverages, let's start with the star of the table. The Dates! Dates are very important in Ramadan. They are now stuffed with different fillings and presented in elegant arrangements. You can give them to your neighbours, friends & family as a Ramadan gesture. Check the beautiful collection by NJD. I'm sure you will love them.


      Now it's time for the sweets. We all say we will cut them down next year, but let's face it Ramadan is all about the sweets. Every house during Ramadan must have Luqaimat on the table. Let's be honest we all can't get that perfect round shape, until i found the Saachi Luqaimat Maker and may i say i have become a pro. Then there are other days where you don't have the energy to whip up something fancy for dessert, for those days I bring you the most delicious Baklava tray

      We’ve had iftar and now it's time to wear our best kaftans and enjoy the night. Fatma with love boutique brings you elegant, chic and trendy kaftans. These kaftans are my favorite for a small gathering or a ramadan ghabga. For those who don't know what a ghabga is, it is a Ramadan get-together where food is served and an atmosphere of joy is spread. 

      Lets not forget what Ramadan is truly about, it's about spiritual healing, a time for reflection. A month to act with generosity and remember how blessed we are. During Ramadan a lot of time is spent praying and reading the Quran. The Quran reading pen is great to help our elders or young kids to learn the Quran.


      To check out more great Ramadan gadgets and goodies make sure to check out And because we very much encourage giving, if you are sending an item to somebody else, we will add in a special gift for them. All you need is have a different billing address from the shipping address in your order.  


      Wishing all our readers and shoppers a Happy Ramadan. May this be a month of blessings and forgiveness to us all.


      • Joyce

        April 13 2021, 01:08PM

        Ramadan Mubarak everyone!!

      • Basmah

        April 13 2021, 12:28PM

        Great blog! And Ramadan Kareem

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