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How to Gear Up for Muay Thai

How to Gear Up for Muay Thai


Muay Thai, also known as “Art of Eight Limbs” is a historic martial art that was developed in Thailand.

Legends such as Samart Payakaroon, Dieselnoi, Saenchai have turned this art into a global sport. It is also the national sport of Thailand.

Thai ancestors trained the younger generation Muay Thai to help protect the nation against invaders. They never used any weapons, but believed in using their body as one. Their entire body is utilized in close-combat form.

Fun Fact: Muay Thai is by far the most effective striking art in the world.


You don’t really need to protect your nation from invaders in the 21st century.

However, to protect yourself from heavy blows, you need training gear in your gym bag while training.

Your only limit is the size of your budget and the size of your gym bag.


Here are 7 pieces of equipment you need in order to get started in Muay Thai.


1. Gloves

Gloves are very important because the protect your hands and wrists as well as your opponent.

They are different from pure boxing gloves because they allow you to open your hands and get grip.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves can help you protect yourself and your opponents from severe injuries.

Make sure you purchase the right fit for your hand and wrists.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves BGV9 Black Red

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2. Muay Thai Shorts

You do not want to show up at your Muay Thai classes wearing football shorts, so purchase the Blegend Boxing Shorts Gold Tiger.

These shorts have enough room in your high and groin area so that you can be flexible and et your kicks on point.

Blegend Boxing Shorts Gold Tiger

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3. Muay Thai T-Shirts

As it is not mandatory to wear T-Shirts while you fight, it is recommended to wear T-Shirts when you train.

Specially during the Covid times, it is advisory to wear T-Shirts when you attend classes to avoid sweat to be transmitted.

You can find exclusive Muay Thai T-Shirts here. If you are looking for sleeveless T-Shirts, click here.

Muay Thai T-Shirt SMT-6003

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Muay Thai T-Shirt SL-8005

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4. Mouthguard

Mouthguards are very essential when you fighting your opponent as they save your teeth from nasty blows. If you get knocked out, it will cost you more than a mouthguard. 

Professionals recommend wearing a mouthguard every time you train or spar. 

Fairtex Mouthguard will help you protect yourself from causing serious injuries to your teeth or gums.

Fairtex Mouthguard MG3

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5. Shin Guards

A pair of Top King Shin Guards will help you protect your foot, shin and instep. 

Even if you are not sparring, you will need those for doing drills and to adapt with the shins.

Top King Shinguards "Super Snake" TKSGEM02 Black(Gold)

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People who are worried about getting hit in the head should consider getting a Fairtex Headgear.

Headgear can help provide you with a little more protection when you get hit with a bug punch.

Many do not wear a headgear while sparring but it is recommended to have extra protection.

This item should definitely on your list for things to get.

Fairtex Headguard DIAGONAL VISION SPARRING HG13 Black Yellow

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7. Focus Mitts

Focus Mitts are used to work on boxing combinations and striking. 

These are generally used in training. The mitts are used for precision punches which helps boxers to throw more punches, which builds better defensive reactions.

It is important to purchase high quality mitts such as Fairtex Focus Mitts for better quality of feedback.

Fairtex Focus Mitts FMV13 "Micro Fiber"

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You can find the entire collection of Muay Thai products on!

Hurry up and get your equipment now!


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