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      How To Make Exercising Fun? An Inside Look At The Dubai Fitness Challenge

      Posted by Deema Sifri - November, 02

      It's time to celebrate fitness and health, get rid of your usual exercise routine and join the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

      It's time to celebrate fitness and health, get rid of your usual exercise routine and join the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

      There will be 200 virtual classes, 2,000 in person classes + sessions in 150 locations across Dubai such as in DIFC, Al Khawaneej, Kite Beach and Dubai Festival City.  There are many activities for you and your family to participate in like HIIT workouts, Pilates, cycling, yoga, Zumba, volleyball, beach football and more.   

      How about we get you started with the most essential gadget like the smartwatch. A great fitness companion to help you maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Track your steps, calories and monitor your heart rate with the latest Apple Watch Series 6, and if you're a runner then opt for the Nike Series Edition having the Nike Run Club app makes it the ultimate running partner for you. If you're looking for a different style with the same advantages then check out the color varieties of the Samsung Galaxy Active Watch 2.

      Staying at home? Well that doesn't make it a reason to miss out on the anticipation. Join the fitness challenge from the comfort of your home with the help of the best Cardio Equipments available. These products enhance your workout and are a great addition not only in these next 30 days but for your fitness journey. Here are some of my favorite workout routines that you can try at home.


      Turnstep move

      • Begin standing sideways to the step.
      • Step up with the right foot.
      • Turn as you bring the left foot up onto the step.
      • Step down with the right foot.
      • Bring the left foot down to meet the right.

      A-step move

      • Begin standing next to the bench, facing sideways.
      • Step up to the center of the step with the right foot.
      • Lift the left foot to meet the right.
      • Step down and back to the opposite side with the right foot.
      • Bring the left foot to meet the right.

      Well we can't miss out on entertainment while exercising, whether you're lifting your Max Strength Medicine Ball or in the water the JBL Endurance Dive Headphones are the perfect accessory for you. With no worries of it falling out and 8 hours of battery life it will set you up for a full day of excitement.

      After all that exercising I'm in a mood for a shake, I'm sure you are as well!


      I've chosen for you two of my best shake/ smoothie blenders: the Magic Bullet Smoothie Maker that will have your favorite smoothies and shakes ready in minutes. And if you need a more compact blender with the sport bottle ready for you to grab with you then go for the Black & Decker Compact Sports Blender. These blenders make the most delicious and pleasurable treats before and/or after a strenuous workout.

      What are you waiting for? Get your gear ready and join the 30 days of workouts, exciting fitness events and wellness-centric entertainment!

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