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Get to know Women in Business!

Get to know Women in Business!


On Women’s day we celebrate the all-around magnificent beauty that makes a woman - Her strength, determination and selfless spirit.

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish - Michelle Obama.

According to the world economic forum 2020 global gender report, the UAE is ranked as a leading country in gender equality in the region. Today more women then men complete secondary education and enrol in top universities bringing the literacy rate of both men and women close to 95%.

There are many successful women entrepreneurs in the UAE - Women who have achieved great heights and exceeded all expectations. Here are some of them:

1) Mina Siyal, Founder of Beauty Binge sells cruelty free vegan skin care products and cosmetics. She started her business with all the savings that she had. Her health issues led her on this journey. Today she is successful entrepreneur and is also planning to expand her business all over the world.

2) Rihab Saab, Founder of lil tots a food concept that is designed for infants. She delivers healthy home-made meals for infants. She wanted women to give their children healthy food right from their childhood hence she decided to start this business. Her products recently launched in stores.

3) Tahany Taher, Co-founder at Hayawiia, a Female Emirati owned ecommerce platform which offers healthy snacks and beauty products at a reasonable price. The website offers products that have vegan, low sugar and keto friendly options. Today, Hayawiia is the largest online platforms of its kind in UAE.

4) L’Couture Founder Lyndsay Doran, is well known all over the world for its luxury activewear. Lyndsay Doran is a strong believer in empowering women through her brand. Their fabrics are super comfortable and are custom made from top Oekotex factories. The brand is available all over in UAE malls and also sold internationally online.

5) Dr. Sara Al Madani – Director & Partner, Social Fish is known all over the world as a fashion icon. She plays a various roles in life from serial entrepreneur, a renowed fashion designer, speaker and influencer.she has constantly contributed towards empowering women and women entrepreneurship. Soon she will soon be known as a tech entrepreneur too.

At LetsTango, it's also interesting that they choose to celebrate this day by bringing into the spotlight the businesses that are owned by women in their platform. 

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