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      Fun Activities for Kids this Summer!

      Posted by Ammar Moiz - June, 08

      Dubai has one of the hottest temperatures during the summer across the world.

      The highest recorded temperature in Dubai was in the summer of 2019 at a blazing 49°C!

      During the summer, it becomes very difficult to go out. So, people prefer relaxing in their homes and doing fun stuff with their families.

      Children want fun all the time! And parents try to give their best to fulfill their kid's requests.

      But what if you run out of ideas? 

      Well, we got a few tips that will help you and your child do some fun stuff this summer at your house!


      I Scream for Ice Cream!

      Cool down and beat the heat! And what’s better than ice cream in the summer? Kids love ice cream! 

      So, why not make ice cream this summer with the Ariete Twin Ice Cream Maker? You can make two ice creams at the same time!

      Ariete Twin Ice Cream Maker

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      If you also want to experience that authentic ice cream experience, you can also make your own ice cream cones at home with The Saachi Waffle Cone Maker or Sonashi Dual Cup Waffle Maker if you prefer a cup-shaped cone.

      Saachi Waffle Cone Maker

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      Sonashi Dual Cup Waffle Maker

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      DIY is the most trending topic on Google during summers. It involves fun, you learn something by doing things without the help of anybody and you are occupied with it for the entire day trying to figure out how it is done.

      It is a great way for children to learn about being independent.

      Like the Merlin DIY Educational Solar Robot that will make your kids curious about robotics or the Merlin DIY Educational Solar Toy to teach your children about green energy!

      Diy Educational Solar Robot Kit

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      DIY Educational Solar Toy Kit

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      Want to teach your children how soap is made? Get the CocoMoco Kids - Soap Making DIY Activity Kit!

      CocoMoco Kids - Soap Making DIY Activity Kit

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      There are lots of exciting DIY products available at! Go check out for yourself!


      Fun Fact: Interior projects are the most popular DIY projects!



      Art can be in the form of anything. Kids have the wildest imaginations that need to be portrayed on paper. 

      So, why not provide them with proper tools like an A3 Stretched Canvas that allows them to have ample space to display their creativity. 

      A Painting Palette can be useful to hold those beautiful colours in one place.

      To outline those beautiful artifacts, your child can use a quality Dual Tip Marker Set that has 80 different pieces!

      A3 Stretched - Pack Of 3

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      Painting Palette - White

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      Dual Tip Marker Set - 80 Pcs - White

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      Outdoors Indoor

      With a variety of options to do this Summer in Dubai, one can easily escape the blazing heat and make their summer vacations worth remembering. 

      It is difficult to go out on a trek or go camping in the heat. But hey! You are living in Dubai, there are tons of activities you can do without getting caught up in the sun.

      Dubai provides a ton of indoor outdoor activities for you and your kids that you can do this summer. Here are some of them:


      • Bounce Dubai
      • Air Maniax
      • Atlantis The Palm’s Ambassador Lagoon
      • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
      • IMG Worlds of Adventure


      Fun moments like these just need to be captured on camera! You can also engage your kiddos to learn photography with a Mini Rechargeable Camera for Kids!

      Mini Rechargeable Photo/Video Camera For Kids

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      We hope you found something for your children to do something fun this summer!

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      • Summer

        June 17 2021, 03:14PM

        Nice one! My kids love the cocomoco stuff!

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