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Celebrate Eid with these Awesome items!

Celebrate Eid with these Awesome items!


Finally the time has come for the muslims to end their month long fast. Eid Al Fitr
meaning the "Feast of breaking fast". During this time muslims from all over the world are celebrating Eid Al Fitr, one of the most religious festival, as this is the time of joy and blessing for the entire muslim community. Although the festivities vary depending on the country, it usually involves attending morning prayers, dressing up, exchanging gifts and finally feasting with their loved ones after a month of fasting. It is with great favour and flavour they share a meal with friends and family. This celebration lasts for 3 days.

Talking about joy, why not spread the joy even more by visiting our website to have a look at the wonderful products we have lined up for you. Great products at a lesser price.

Making espresso at home can be very rewarding and an ideal way to express love. And since the festival is in full swing, we have put together the absolute need for an espresso machine. The "NESPRESSO Inissia D40" is a smart little coffee machine to make your life easier and not to forget its so simple to use. You can also check out more of the NESPRESSO machines that are on offers!

Now, no festival is complete without sweets, more so chocolates. The "Crescent
Chocolates Collection by NJD" box also comes in the shape of the moon. To make the best impression and a perfect dessert gift , add a box of chocolates that shows your exotic choice. It definitely adds flavour to life.

Who doesn’t want to look stylish this season and not to forget protect your eyes from the scorching heat this summer? Well, Sunglasses can prove to be a stylish accessory provided you get the right one. Look no further cause I have found the most perfect looking Sunglasses from “Hawkers” for both men and women right here at!
The solid rims and lightly curved brow-line create a strong, sophisticated look and protects your eyes too. Trust us, the right choice can alter your look completely. Do check out their 30% OFF promotion!

Next I'm must talk about the “WIWU SW04 Sports Smart Watch” which not only lets you know the time but is also a one stop solution for staying connected to family and friends and helps you keep a track of your fitness. It certainly helps me stay fit and manage my sleep too. All features in one watch, truly smart. I've also discovered more of WIWU's interesting items from their collection - which are all 35% OFF! Such a great deal!

Finally, to all our readers , Eid Mubarak. May this month bring you'll immense joy, happiness and gratitude for everything in your lives and to our wonderful shoppers - Happy Eid Shopping!

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Eid Mubarak!

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