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Back To School Must-Haves

Back To School Must-Haves


Back To School - Shop for school must-haves at 

It’s School Time Again! Get ready, for another new beginning at school.

The future of the world is in the classroom today.

New buildings, new friends, new uniforms, books, school accessories and a new chance to do well.

This will fill the child with joy and make it a happy place to go to.

It’s time for not just the students, but also the parents to start preparing for school.

Get Organized for Back to School and to help you navigate back to school. LetsTango has some of the Coolest School Supplies. Here’s a list of the most important things.

Water bottle - Smily Kiddos Sports Drink Bottle

It’s important to keep hydrated throughout the day. This bottle fits the side bottle pocket of a bag and is so easy to carry. The Two-piece straw design allows kids to drink upright (with the straight straw attached) or by tipping the bottle up (with straight straw removed). Check LetsTango website for ongoing discounts on the water bottles.

School Shoes - Unisex Premium Leather School Uniform Shoes with Lycra Lining-Black


The breathable & comfortable crow crest leather upper of these shoes will give your child a great, comfortable experience so they can focus on more important things at school!

Toys – Teamsterz Packaway Garage and KindiKidS S3 Donatina & Cooktop

For the Boys we have the Teamsterz packaway garage 5 std cars durable 2-level garage playset with connecting ramps and levels and for the Girls, this KindiKidS S3 DONATINA & COOKTOP EXCL, so now you can make your own recipe for giggles and fun with the Kindi Kids Chef Donatina & Kindi Fun Oven - because toys are simply put on this earth to be played with by a child.

Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 X205 64GB 4GB LTE10.5-inch

An essential, to take and make learning at school simple and stress free. Let the higher power take over with dynamic sounds and a bigger view to a broader world. Joyfully aesthetic with a touch of cool, Galaxy Tab A8 is vibrant in its aura and youthful in its appearance.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
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