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      A Day to Honor Your Dad

      Posted by Aurilia Shaw - June, 21

      It is a day celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that Fathers and Father Figures make in the lives of their children. A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow. He is your rock and pillar in life.

      This day also celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. Often the sacrifices a father makes go unnoticed, forgotten and unappreciated.  

      Therefore, you need to treat your Dad to something special to make him feel he is your rock.

      Lucky for you, Letstango has a whole bunch of Father’s Day gift ideas for you, that will make your dad smile in the way that only he could do. Below are the perfect gifts that will brighten up this special day.

      1. Let’s start with the gift every dad would love for sure. The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth. This rotating bezel for sure will turn more than heads and keep a track of your fitness level too. That’s not all, it also checks your blood oxygen levels and snoring patterns. That's why Samsung engineered the all-new Galaxy Watch4 Classic to be the companion to your journey towards a healthier you. 
        Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Bluetooth (44mm)
      2. Get him something he needs. He’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. If he loves music, give him a musical treat like headphones, speakers or an instrument, that would be wonderful to his ears. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - Tune in to all-new Galaxy Buds Pro – a wireless earbud with pro-grade technology. If you have more than one device connected to your Galaxy Buds Pro, it can seamlessly switch between devices, connecting it to the device that needs your attention more. What more do you need

        Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
      1. A little grooming never hurts. Make your father de-stress a little and groom up. The Philips Beard Trimmer will do the trick. Easy to hold and use. Get a perfect yet protective trim, time after time. It's currently available at letstango at a discounted price.
        Philips Beard Trimmer
      2. A new mug or cup that he loves. Dads cannot survive without caffeine, so gifting a nice mug or cup makes an excellent day gifting option. For every daughter her father is her superhero, the only man that will never break her heart. For them the  Like Father Like Daughter” cup is just perfect. we haven’t forgotten the sons , the “Like Father Like son” cup will remind you of the first time you had a sip of beer with your dad. Good old memories.

        Fathers Day Cup     Fathers Day Cups

      3. A stress buster accessory. Dads work hard and deserve me-time to do away with the stress. Gifting him a “Portable Mini Massage Gun” will make him so happy to relax after a busy day.
      Portable Mini Massage Gun

      No matter how famous or successful we are, our first identity is that of someone’s son or daughter. Keep this bond of love blooming with your kindness and love.  Salute to all Dads!

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      • Rakesh Hothur

        August 01 2023, 04:37PM

        Great post Aura! I think you have nailed the options here! I personally own 2 out of the 5 items you have listed, the Philips beard trimmer and the Samsung Airbus’s Pro. They both are fantastic products ! Now after reading your post I am eyeing on the portable mini massage gun :)

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