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      5 Of Our Favourite Custom Made Watches

      Posted by Ammar Moiz - June, 22

      Modifying watches is an art. It is also a hobby for a lot of watch enthusiasts to add in their collection! Just like Pokémon Cards and Hot Wheels, people collect watches and showcase them.


      Mhee Watch is a famous watch shop located in Thailand - selling only quality brands as Casio, G-Shock, Seiko and also D1MilanoThey have rare items that watch fanatics would love to add to their collection.

      With more than half a million followers on Facebook and Instagram, they are one of the biggest watch modifiers in Thailand!

      Mhee Watches do not manufacture watches. They modify existing watches by adding new bodies studded with crystals, watch faces, watch straps etc.


      What do they do with the original parts?

      They ship it along with the watch so that you can have the original parts too and change it back to its original state.

      Believe me, these watches have a serious edge on regular watches due to its unique design. Watches that are modified in such designs will cost you a fortune.

      But Mhee Watches have made this possible by cutting down expenses and keeping its swag altogether.

      Is it legit?

      100% legit, they are certified Casio dealers, and comes with a 1 year international warranty!

      Here are a five of our favourite watches










      Interested? We know exactly where to get such beautiful watches. Right here! At! is the only online store where you can get your hands on these beautiful watches!


      • tsSLAueP

        September 30 2021, 12:46PM


      • Badjordan

        July 01 2021, 04:29PM

        Whaaat these watches are sick!

      • Walter

        June 23 2021, 02:00PM

        Really cool watches! love it

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