Star Shower Laser Light

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  • Shower your home with thousands of laser lights in seconds
  • No Ladders
  • No Hangings
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Star Shower Laser Light is the amazing new laser light system that showers any home or landscape with thousands of brilliant, colorful stars. You'll have thousands of colorful stars in and around your home! It's simple, fast and convenient.

The secret is the laser holographic technology found in theme parks that projects breathtaking stars onto any surface. Over 600 square feet! You can hide Star Shower Laser Light discreetly amongst landscaping and it is made out of weather resistant, advanced polymer - built to withstand snow, rain and intense sun.

Star Shower Laser Light  will save you money, energy costs and time. Each Star Shower Laser Light comes with an extra-long, ultra-durable stake attachment to stay above the snow level or the ground cover. Star Shower Laser Light is perfect for the holidays and can also be used year round or indoors as well.