Volks Fat Burning Vibration Machine Fit Massage Vibration Massage Fitness Plate Body Shaker Plate Exercise Machine - Motion Platform Whole Body

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Key Feature

  • ARE YOU READY TO INCREASE MOBILITY & MELT FAT WITH VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY the ultimate total home workout station. Easy setup and intuitive console make improving health & fitness easier & more fun than ever.
  • Strengthens Your Muscles & Toughens Your Bones: Stepping onto a body vibration machine is like getting a massage for your muscles. In certain frequencies, the vibration helps your muscles relax and free off tensions so that when you step down, they’ll be extremely rejuvenated
  • Every 5-10 minutes on the vibration platform, equals to an hour jogging, 40 minutes swimming, 500 sit-ups, 30-35 minutes yoga. It burns calories at a speed 30 times faster than running.
  • Best for improving circulation, muscle strengthening, sports training, weight loss, cellulite reduction, muscle building, reduction of the stress elevation levels.
  • Allows you to work out and build up your body shape at home or at your office, relax yourself as well as to improve working efficiency without disturbing others around you.
  • Package Dimensions 75 x 66 x 33 cm; 26 Kilograms


This is a powerful, slim vibration machine for your home and gym workout.