Promate - Accessories Organiser, Multi-Purpose Electronic Accessories Pouch with Water-Resistance and 14 Storage Pocket for Cable, Card, Hard Drive, Pen, Adapter, Travelpack-L Red

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Gone are the days travelling with a bag full of loose charging cables, messy headphone cords, and small electronics. This versatile electronics accessory organizer is here to get your travel tech under control in the most stylish and durable way possible. This Nylon travel bag comes with more than plenty loops and zippered geared pouch that can hold various items like cables, headphones, memory cards, hard drive, adapters, pens, and with enough space for a handful of small electronics.


High-Quality Build:
Promate TravelPack-L is made while keeping in mind the needs and demand of a travel case. The TravelPack has an exterior water-resistant nylon material which keeps all the documents and electronics inside the pouch safe and damages free. The TravelPack-L is light in weight but is heavy-duty in build quality and protection.

Multi-Function Compartment for Multiple Use:
The Multiple pockets in TravelPack help you store your important documents and gadgets while on the go without running out of space. The TravelPack-L has around 14 pockets and elastic loops to comfortable snug-in all your important documents. The Large Zipper pocket can be used to store External Hard Drive, Power Banks, Cell Phones, Passport or Boarding Pass etc. The small Zippers pockets can be used to securely store cables, earphones, mp3 players, bank cards, SD and Micro SD Cards and SIM Cards. The other open pockets can be used for power banks, chargers, mouse and power adapters. Mesh bags for a flash drive, card reader, small battery, nail clippers or other smaller items. Elastic loops for small adapters, cables, pens, brushes and tools, etc.

Classic Rolled-Up Design to Save Space:
The classic rolled-up design of the TravelPack-L helps in making it more portable and can be easily tucked in your bag pack, laptop case or briefcase while saving space and staying organised while on the go. The classic Snap-On hook provides it with a classic look while also keeping all the documents and electronics organized and safe.

Stay Organized and Ready for Travel:
With TravelPack-L you don’t have to worry about missing out anything important for your journey. All your important travel documents and electronic gadgets are stored in a safe and organized place so that you don’t miss out on anything while on the go.

Perfect Travel Companion for Everyone:
The TravelPack-L can be used by everyone and anyone. The classic design and portable and organized pockets and sleeves allow it to be used by everyone including frequent travellers, students and senior citizen to stay organized and neat while at home, school or on the go.

Multiple Usage:
The TravelPack-L is mainly for the travelling and on the move people, but it has multiple usages and can be used by anyone who likes to stay organized and neat. The TravelPack-L has a flexible design which can be used by anyone like painters and creative people or as a healthcare kit by senior citizens or just to store your cosmetics and travel gear organized in one place.

Water-Resistant Exterior:
The exterior Nylon is made Water-Resistant keeping in mind the Needs of a Traveller. The High-Quality Heavy-Duty Material helps in keeping the documents and electronic safe and sound whatever the weather and condition outside.

Cushion Padded Interior to Keep Everything Safe:
The Interior of the TravelPack-L is made from soft foam padded material to keep all the documents and gadgets safe from damage. The extra padding of the interior and the Water-Resistant Exterior helps in keeping your documents and gadgets safe and sound at all time and condition making the TravelPack-L the perfect Travellers Companion.