The Teacher's Animation Tool Kit

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This is a complete resource jam packed with activity ideas, practical guidance and online resources for teaching 2D and 3D animation. Including animation in your classroom can: improve literacy and numeracy; develop critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills; and, enhance teamwork and negotiation. Animation is a playful medium. It takes the diversity, excitement and mystery of the world and gives vivid life to what we experience. Introducing animation into the classroom helps students engage with a subject, increases motivation and makes use of skills learned outside of school. This practical, cross-curricular resource contains everything needed to integrate 2D and 3D animation into the school curriculum, and includes an extensive website. From teaching basic flip book animation right through to producing an animated film, there are drawing templates for the less confident teacher artists and tried-and-tested schemes of work, plus advice on how to use animation equipment and what technology is available.
Particularly suitable for use with students aged 11-16, many of the activities can be adapted for older or younger students, and can be used in Media Studies, Art, ICT and many other subjects to engage learners of all styles and abilities.